• Lift smarter.

  • Take the guesswork out of fitness.

    LiftForce is the most precise, portable, and affordable way to check and correct form.

    By Athletes, For Everyone

    At LiftForce, we come from all different backgrounds - powerlifting, yoga, bodybuilding, contact sports, golf. We've had great training days, and not so great training days. We built a platform for us to maximize every single one of our workouts, and we want to share it with every person who wants to do the same.

    The Power Rack: Refined

    Using high tech 3D cameras and cutting edge software, LiftForce can track and analyze form in real time. It can guide you through the toughest exercises (or your entire workout). It can show you complementary routines and suggest corrective measures. It can even store all your workout data and keep it on your phone.

  • Professional tracking. Pocket sized.

  • The LiftForce app syncs with any of our equipment - it keeps track of the reps, sets, weight, and form for everything thing you do. You can keep this data forever (including videos). You can share your workouts with friends. You can access a massive library of exercises to add to your routine. You can even have your personal trainer push you workouts from anywhere in the world.

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    Coming to Android Q4 2016

    Coming to Windows Phone Q2 2017

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  • We're hiring.

  • Computer Vision Engineer

    Rochester, NY


    You're passionate about computer vision, object recognition and tracking, depth cameras, and pose estimation.

    Full Stack Engineer

    Rochester, NY


    You're passionate about modular architecture, design patterns, C++, and math.

    iOS Developer

    Rochester, NY


    You're passionate about Cocoa development, Swift, Xcode, and API design.

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